JCCC Honors Journal


Paleo-SETI is a social discourse which has seen rapidly increasing popularity since its conception in the late 1800’s. Its main focus is identifying evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial occupation of Earth in its distant past. The Paleo-SETI community commonly draws upon ancient oral and religious traditions, reinterpreting them as containing evidence of alien visitors. Commonalities such as ‘the flood’ and ‘cyclical time’ are also identified. Paleo-SETI thought also incorporates evidence of Supra human knowledge, anomalous archeological sites and seemingly unexplainabe advanced technology. This paper examined six American Indian Oral traditions and their relation to the evolving discourses in the Paleo-SETI community. An attempt is made to determine if ancient Oral Traditions do, in fact, lend themselves to an ‘alien’ reinterpretation. Common themes among the movement are discussed in terms of these six traditions. Also included is an examination of these key themes in Paleo-SETI thought on a global scale. The final section includes a brief investigation of possible psychological, spiritual and philosophical motivations driving the popular Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Faculty mentor: Sean Daley