JCCC Honors Journal

About This Journal

The Johnson County Community College Honors Journal

Founded in 2010, the JCCC Honors Journal is a digital-only collaboration between the Billington Library's Digital Projects and the JCCC Honors Department. It was created to give students receiving Honors Contracts the opportunity to publish their work

Why Only Digital?

Not all Honors Contracts are completed via papers and reports. Providing the Journal in an online format allows for videos of presentations, slideshows, images, or other alternative media to be utilized so everyone with a Honors Contract has the oppportunity to submit their material.

How Often Will it Be Released?

The Journal will be published a minimum of two issues a year to correspond to the primary semesters. Students completing Honors Contracts in the summer may either submit for a special third issue, or more likely inclusion into the following semester's edition.

ISSN: 2154-7548