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Kangaroo Care


Kangaroo Care is described as skin on skin contact between parent and baby. The baby, wearing only a diaper, is placed directly on mom or dad’s bare chest. This skin on skin contact has proven to be beneficial for baby as well as the parents. Some of the positive effects for the baby include stabilizing vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, and respirations. Kangaroo care has also shown to facilitate breastfeeding and bonding in mothers. The benefits for parents include improved bonding and attachment. Parents have also reported feeling more competent and confident when caring for their newborn after they are released from the hospital. Kangaroo care is not only for healthy newborns; preterm newborns in the NICU have benefited from this method also. While there are more risks when dealing with preterm babies, they have shown an incredible positive response to this contact. Nurses should be educated on Kangaroo Care and know how to facilitate the family when participating in this care.