JCCC Honors Journal


The images of Brazilian slums, and the street children that come from them, are recognized throughout the world. There are two different kinds of kids who make up Brazil’s street children population. The children who work on the streets, returning to their homes in the favelas at night, are referred to as the children ‘on the streets’. These children do odd jobs, such as guarding cars or selling gum. On the other hand, children who live on the streets full time are referred to as the children ‘of the streets’ and are generally involved in some sort of criminal activity. Most of the children ‘of the streets’ have cut all connections with their families. The topic of Brazil’s street children has been researched by many and numerous solutions have been suggested; however, not only does the problem still exist, but it is continuing to grow and is in need of more research and a stronger working effort to see it come to an end. The author suggests that the solution this problem can be found in the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) working with local communities to alleviate the suffering of these innocents.