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Seeking Resistance


CoLab, OCB 100

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27-4-2018 1:30 PM

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The issue with antibiotics these days is that all different kinds of bacteria that the antibiotics are used for are starting to evolve themselves against these antibiotics and becoming resistant. Antibiotics are used frequently around and for a good cause, however, this frequent use of antibiotics is allowing these bacteria to grow resistance and this causes us to find no cure for certain illnesses. If we cannot run to antibiotics anymore, what do we run to? My job here is to find a bacterium that can grow resistance to a safe relative of the ESKAPE pathogens. ESKAPE pathogens are a bacterium that has a high resistance to a lot of antibiotics, thus making it hard to treat. So what I did was find some soil. I collected some soil located in my backyard. It was a particular spot that had no greens growing that was about 12 inches in diameter. The spot that I collected from was about two feet away from a tree. My theory was that because there was no grass or anything growing there, there was probably some kind of bacteria that is preventing growth there. And so it became my soil sample. Having a soil sample collected, I then tested it. I did a serial dilution of the soil and transferred it to agar plates. I then chose potential candidates that had good zones of inhibition and made a master plate with those candidates. After doing so, I tested the candidates against the ESKAPE pathogens safe relatives. Furthermore to this testing, I will later choose a candidate and streak plate it to make sure it is a pure isolated bacteria. In addition to that I will do a PCR and gel electrophoresis testing, epidemiology stimulation, metabolic test, and Kirby-Bauer test. I will be presenting my journey on trying to find a bacterium that has resistance to ESKAPE pathogens safe relatives. In the poster you will see the potential candidates, and the chosen candidate and why I chose it.


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Apr 27th, 1:30 PM

Seeking Resistance

CoLab, OCB 100