A report on the author's Fall 2018 sabbatical project: teaching early US history from a global perspective.

This project has its roots "Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges," an educational initiative funded by the AHA and the NEH. Participants of this initiative, of which I was one, "worked to create or revise U.S. history courses-especially the popular U.S. history survey course-with lessons, units, and other work that deepens teaching on the United States in the world."


United States History

early colonies new.pptx (114 kB)
Early Colonies

later colonies new.pptx (65 kB)
Later Colonies

New worlds.pptx (322 kB)
New Worlds

rights and the revolution.pptx (64 kB)
The Divided Revolution

Slavery in the Atlantic World new.pptx (78 kB)
Slavery in the Atlantic World

The Global American Revolution.pptx (56 kB)
The Global American Revolution

The West.pptx (57 kB)