It is important to keep up with the myriad of technological changes within the game and animation industry. This sabbatical allowed me to take the time to catch up on some new and fast growing technological areas such as Virtual Reality technology and supporting software, techniques and procedures, and incorporating VR into Motion Capture technology for game and animation. In addition, this sabbatical has given me the opportunity to re-charge myself and be able to take a closer look at the advancement in tools available for VR, motion capture data and rigging for motion capture for use in my animation and game classes. I also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the motion capture to animation pipeline that larger animation and game companies are using. The research I have done will help me structure my course work and classrooms, labs and any other collaborative spaces in a manner that is consistent to industry practices.

During my sabbatical I have developed new skills in VR, motion capture and 3D software and game engine technologies. My skills will add another dimension to my teaching and course work potentially giving students an additional advantage in the animation and gaming industry field.


Interactive Arts