JCCC Honors Journal


Kansas has always produced large wheat harvests but over the last few years Kansas has experienced smaller and smaller wheat harvests, and these smaller harvests could be due to weather, food allergies, or issues with sustainability. One grain that also has a history of growing in Kansas is sorghum and the use of sorghum in human consumption is growing because the grain is naturally gluten-free and the crop is able to grow in harsh climates. Also, the non-profit research organization The Land Institute is looking to create a perennial sorghum crop that would be a sustainable option opposed to traditional sorghum crops. A perennial sorghum crop would be sustainable, grow good in Kansas's climate and the grain would be naturally gluten-free. These factors could change the way that wheat and sorghum are grown across Kansas and in the future more and more sorghum-based products could be hitting grocery stores soon.