JCCC Honors Journal


The role of computing has aided humankind for over thousands of years, helping them with calculating and crunching large numbers with ease. Although it has been around for millenniums, the advancement we had in these past few decades has been significantly greater than the past century. Intel 4004 was leading the technology revolution, creating the first ever single chip microprocessor containing 2300 transistors and producing 60,000 instructions per second. Consequently, the computing power exponentially grew to achieve a performance rate of over four million times the speed of the original microprocessor. The advancement of computing has allowed us to solve all different types of problems in various fields. With the development of computation power, pure scientists, doctors, economists, engineers, and even musicians can use the power of computation to solve problems they would never have been able to solve before. The advancement of computing gives birth to several new fields all under the name of Interdisciplinary computing. Interdisciplinary computing is the foundation for solving all sorts of problems faced in different types of fields.