This article by Mary Sanz received an Honorable Mention in the Hare & Bell 2022 Writing Contest.


Since 2012, the enrollment in online courses has grown steadily each year (Seaman et al.,

2018). With the COVID 19 pandemic’s implementation of lock-downs and online learning in

2020, more students than ever before are shifting to online college courses. Even as students and workers go back out into the world, taking online college courses continues to be a viable option for traditional and non-traditional college undergraduates. There has been increased interest in the scientific community in online courses and undergraduate students’ ability to be successful in remote learning situations. Research has been conducted on the qualities needed to achieve higher performance in online courses in order to facilitate better learning experiences for both students and teachers. With the wealth of information available, there still remains limited research on how to influence online academic achievement in college undergraduates when specific qualities are not already present for the student.