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Friday, August 6th
11:00 AM

Academic Writing and Publishing in a Digital Age

Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University

RC 236

11:00 AM

(Presentation Unavailable) Blending Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces - Considering the Source of Resources

Linda Davis-Stephens

RC 175

11:00 AM

(Presentation Unavailable) Engage Your Students with Clickers!

Jeff Kosko

RC 145

11:00 AM

(Presentation Unavailable) Explore Windows 7

Amy Yan

RC 250

11:00 AM

(Presentation Unavailable) Improving Student Interaction and Feedback Using Skype and Google Docs

Robert A. Moody

RC 101C

11:00 AM

(Presentation Unavailable) Pedagogy Can Be Fun! Creating Interactive Training for Faculty to Apply the Quality Matters Rubric to Online & Hybrid Courses

Kathy Tally

RC 181

11:00 AM

Social Media: Basics for Program Promotion and Community Building

Jozenia Colorado
Marcus Childress

Hudson Auditorium

11:00 AM

Web 2.0 Sprint Session: 4 Rapid Fire Presentations

Nate Bunnyfield
Rosemary Talab
Hattie Williams
Janell Williams

RC 101D

11:00 AM