Previous survey and excavation identified 23CL223 (the Smith's Fork archaeological site) as a possible Steed-Kisker phase household with intact sub-plow zone deosits and multiple loci of cultural activity, including a pit feature and a hearth. Our work was designed to explore the potential this site held for shedding light on Steed-Kisker lifeways by expanding excavations beyond the previously noted pit feature. To this end, we systematically excavated six 1m x 1m units, which revealed extensive disturbance from modern farming activities that may have damaged or destroyed in situ evidence of a Steed-Kisker house. A total of 55 artifacts, consisting of modern objects, charcoal, pottery, fire cracked rock, and stone tools were recovered. A soil discoloration that may represent the remains of a posthole was noted as well.


Archaeological Anthropology